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Coston Cottage
Coston Cottage

Built in the 16th Century, this cottage is situated by the side of a meandering brook, that backs onto an ancient coppice called Thatchers. The cottage is an idyllic, chocolate  box style that keeps many secrets.

Evil Poltergeist activity, hauntings and witches carrying out the Black Arts in the coppice to this day. A family stayed in this cottage for a ten day holiday, it lasted three days such was the shocking and evil goings on both inside the cottage and outside. On the first day they took possession of the keys, the family were mystified to find the kitchen cutlery was lined up on the kitchen floor. That evening the two children were put to bed, only for them to come running downstairs saying their slippers were being thrown around the bedroom, and one was still floating around. From witches Besom's made into a pyramid on the kitchen table, to the screeching of six cats and Witches chanting their rituals in the coppice in the dead of night, and the daughter being attacked by hissing and spitting black cats on the edge of the coppice.

Coston Cottage will be the subject of a book to be published shortly.

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