Haunted Air From Some Of The Most Haunted Places In The UK

Wellington Hotel Cornwall
Wellington Hotel Cornwall

Staff and guests at the Pub have reported seeing different ghosts and spectres over the years, some very scary indeed. A coachman walking through the hall of the Pub, and the phantom of a little girl as well as an old lady who has been seen walking through walls and closed doors.

Room number nine of the Pub is significant, and according to staff the most haunted part of the Pub, locals will tell you some terrifying stories of hauntings of the Pub, one quoted  who stayed in Room nine. I was lying in bed reading, and I was just about to put the light out, when I felt a cold sensation and a rush of cold air pass through the room and the feeling of complete dread in the room. I new something was standing behind my head, I was paralysed with fear, and then frosted breath passed over my head, and the sound of breathing. This lasted about for a minute. I was terrified out of my mind.

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