Haunted Air From Some Of The Most Haunted Places In The UK

Tower Of London
Tower Of London

The Tower of London was built in 1078 and has many hauntings and nasty paranormal activity over the years. The most famous of all the spirits that occupy within the walls is that of Anne Boleyn, the Wife of King Henry V111. She was beheaded in 1536, and her headless body has been seen walking the Tower's Corridors. Other famous apparitions that roam the Tower are that of Lady Jane Grey, who was seen by a Guardsman in 1957.

In the White Tower the White Lady is often seen standing in the window, where she once stood waving to her children on the other side of the building. Perhaps the most terrifying reports are the mysterious appearance of the two children. They have been witnessed throughout the rooms of the Castle, dressed in their night gowns holding hands and with a look of terror in their faces. These are the apparitions of the former Prince's, who were sent to the Tower after they were deemed illegitimate by Parliament. They vanished one day and it was assumed that they were murdered by order of their Uncle, the Duke of Gloucester. Two small skeletons were exhumed beneath a staircase in the White Tower.

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