Haunted Air From Some Of The Most Haunted Places In The UK

Stirchley Hall Telford
Stirchley Hall Telford

According to records the original Stirchley Hall was built on the site in the mid 14th Century. The Hall as it stands today was built in 1653, and the hauntings, and vicious poltergeist activity drove the last owner not to not sleep upstairs and eventually leave the Hall altogether.

Today, he still has night mares from his experiences and recently he sought help from  a Minister of Deliverance from the local Diocese, so disturbing are his current dreams about the hauntings in the Hall. From a shot gun going off day and night, there was a suicide in the early 1900's in the hall, and a shot gun was used, to phantoms walking the bedrooms and leering over the occupants in their beds.

The heavy oak cellar door that frequently was removed from it's hinges during the night, the phantom of the tall figure with the wide brimmed hat frequently is seen walking down the drive, to twenty chickens found dead in the Hall's orchard trees, and you could not remove them, such was their grip by their claws on the branches, they were stiff as though they had died of fright. One night,  a friend of the owners partner who stayed on her own in a four poster bed was woken to the sensation of the bed sheets being pulled off her, and to her terror in the moonlight, she could see a long haired elderly tall figure standing at the foot of the bed indeed puling at the sheets, and she could hear  sniggering coming from the phantom, and the bedroom was as cold as a fridge. It then vanished, this phantom frequently appeared to visitors. Stirchley Hall will be the subject of a book to be published shortly.

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