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Pendle Hill Lancashire
Pendle Hill Lancashire

Pendle Hill has a notorious reputation for being a place where twelve accused Witches lived in the 17th Century. These twelve supposed  Witches were accused of murdering ten people. They figure prominently in what is known as the  Lancashire Witches Trials. One of the ten was found guilty and executed by hanging and only one was found not guilty. The history of the Witch Trials has given the place an eerie atmosphere, and several terrifying reports.

The story of the Pendle Witches is a great example of documented allegation of Witchcraft, until today the hill continues to be associated with Witchcraft. Every Halloween, a large number of visitors climb up the hill wanting to experience the supernatural goings on, and the feeling of evil that oozes from the surrounding.

In the year 1612, there was a family of local peasants who lived in a large limestone tower. However the family was no ordinary family. These peasants had enormous powers and they were reported to have had enormous powers and they were said to be in league with the Devil. According to reports at the time the family made clay effigies made from human teeth and human hair.

Local people died of various mysterious illnesses at that time. Others died of great pain, the milk in the area turned sour and cattle died mysteriously too. People were afraid to climb the hill. A local Magistrate Roger Norwell had the courage to arrest two of the peasants living in the tower, they were brought for Trial and two days later, the rest of the Witches were arrested and taken to Lancaster for Trial.

The Pendle Hill Witches still haunt the buildings and the surrounding villages of the hill, locals will tell you of the feeling of dread and the horrendous loud cackles heard in the dark shadows of an Autumn evening. Locals to this day will not discuss the Witches, and events during their Trial for fear of retribution

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