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Oakley Court  London
Oakley Court London

Oakley Court is situated on the River Thames in Windsor London. The Court built in 1859 for Sir Richard Hall-Say and legend has it that he built it in the style of a French Chateau to comfort his home sick wife. The Court was used during the 11 World War as the English Headquarters for the French Resistance and President De Gaulle stayed in one of the Courts bedrooms.

In 1955, Bray studios moved next door to Oakley Court after Mr Oliver the owner of Oakley Court died in 1965 leaving the Court uninhabited. For the next decade or more it became an ideal setting for many films made by Southern Pictures. During this period some 200 films were made in and around the Court, including the Hammer films of Dracula, and the Rocky Horror Picture Show. For what ever reason Oakley Court is very haunted, with a 19th Century gentleman dressed in evening dress in room appearing in room 117, and in fact the guest was woken to find this apparition standing by the side of his bed, and the room looked a different shape, he put the bedside light on and indeed the bedroom was a different shape and the ghost was still standing by the side of the bed just motionless. The guest jumped out of bed in fright, and the ghost just melted away and the room reconfigured into the correct shape. On enquires, it was found the bedroom had been altered in building renovations, and the shape with the ghost was the original room design. The Manager of Oakley Court says some staff will not go into one upstairs room as they feel they are being continually watched, visitors are continually complaining about knocks on the bedroom doors in the middle of the night, and spectres appearing on their camera shots, and seeing orbs floating down the corridors. You will see from a genuine photo, of a ghost sitting at the table in the Court dinning room in the early evening, the room was empty at the time., that was vouched for at the time by another person who was with the photographer.

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