Haunted Air From Some Of The Most Haunted Places In The UK

Nortons Camp
Nortons Camp

Norton's Camp is an iron age Hill Fort. On entering the hill fort you are aware of being observed from the towering ramparts from your left and right. On climbing the western rampart through the dense woodland and the heavily carpeted bluebell covered floor you feel a heavy foreboding and an atmosphere you can cut with a knife. Something small moved fast across in front of me in the long grass, my dog pulled on it's lead and growled then pulled back and started to whimper. I felt uncomfortable on my own, there was feeling of menace surrounding me. I was struggling to make my way down the steep ram part with a spooked dog, then my dog started growling at an old tree stump, then to my horror and fright a voice of something that is best described as trying to speak and gargle at the same time shouted at me from within the tree stump, saying "Leave me alone, Leave me alone", and then "I have not done you any harm," "This is my home not yours".

Norton's Camp will be the subject of a book to be published shortly.

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