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New Inn Bridgnorth
New Inn Bridgnorth

The New Inn is a 17th Century Coaching Inn, and is a Grade 11 Listed Building. The Paranormal activity ranges from a ghost of gentleman called Ted who died in the early 1900's.When the Bar television is switched on for sport, Ted will announce his arrival by two beer glasses ratting together that hang on hooks under the television shelf, then he is often seen sitting on a bench by the television watching, in particular football, Ted is often seen smiling as he watches.

Other Spectres and Poltergeists are not so friendly, in fact on more than one occasion they have reduced the Land Lady to tears from the terror of her experiences with slamming doors in her face, doors being taken out of her hand, and one particularly nasty incident when she was locked in the haunted cellar. The Land Lady's personal  items that disappeared for months on end, then drop from the ether  onto the Bar floor.

Three young brothers, who perished in the New Inn in the 1800's haunt the Inn, and are highly unpleasant and are heard running up and down the Bar area on the floor boards and they make a general nuisance of them selves with the staff, locals and residents. The New Inn will be the subject of a book to be published shortly.

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