Haunted Air From Some Of The Most Haunted Places In The UK

Mary Kings Close
Mary Kings Close

Built in the 16th Century, Mary King's Close is an underground complex of streets and rooms. It was once a busy trading area where tradesman used to live and carry out their business, however in 1645 the Close was believed been abandoned after the Plague. From the 17th Century there have been numerous apparitions and spectres roaming the passageways, and rooms.

The Coltheart family who lived in the maze were the first people to report the paranormal activity. To this day, staff and visitors have seen a ghost of a woman in black, and a little girl in one of the rooms looking very sad. Strange noises, scratching, and loud footsteps that follow you around. Staff will not go into the Close on their own, such is the foreboding and frightening atmosphere.

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