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Lion & Swan Congleton
Lion & Swan Congleton

Built in the 16th Century, the Pub is subject to many hauntings, some unpleasant. It is the wooden fireplace that draws much attention for it's peculiar haunting. On many occasions , usually in the night people have witnessed a dark haired woman wearing nothing but clogs on her feet tending to the fire. This woman is also believed to take the shape of a brown mist that is often seen in several areas of the Pub. One of the most haunted rooms is room twenty, with many reports of waking up in the middle of the night with room freezing. Guests have also reportedly been awoken experiencing a sudden feeling of terror.

In rooms next door to room twenty, scratching and banging can be heard originating from there. Every time this occurs room twenty has been vacant. In the cellar of the Pub the sound of a young child or female crying and whispering has been heard many, many times. There is also a painting hanging here, which has been there as long as the locals can remember. It is said to be cursed, that anybody unfortunate enough to touch it shall die.

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