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Kings Head & Stable Bar Bridgnorth
Kings Head & Stable Bar Bridgnorth

The Kings Head was first licenced in 1680, and most of it's beams were from Wenlock Abbey and is one of the oldest Pubs in the north side of Bridgnorth.

The Kings Head is seriously haunted by shadows, spectres, and poltergeists. There are several ghosts in the Kings Head, one of a little girl, who has been seen many times sitting on a an old Church settle, she sits by customers, and recently a customer saw her sitting down by a friend of his. His friend was unaware, except his dog who was sitting by him by the open fire was jumping up where the little girl was sitting. Another ghost of a little boy called Thomas, is often seen on the upstairs landing seen to be throwing apples from the landing window into the court yard below to a phantom horse.

Most frightening and evil is the Stable Bar, with it's poltergeist activity with heavy glass ornaments and candle sticks being thrown around, not to mention the iron fireguard. A séance was held in the Stable bar recently because the staff were frightened of working there at night, one member of staff kept seeing a man sitting at table 63 by the head of the stairs. This is where the Séance took place, onlookers said is was terrifying, the lady who was conducting the séance was bent over in spasms and she spoke with a male Shropshire voice with great knowledge of Bridgnorth in the Civil War, the gentleman at the table was a soldier from the Civil War and he was hung on a beam above the table for desertion.  

The Kings Head will be the subject of a book to published shortly.

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