Haunted Air From Some Of The Most Haunted Places In The UK

Hampton Court London
Hampton Court London

Catherine Howard is one of the Palace's many phantoms. She visits the haunted gallery, when she was accused od adultery by King Henry V111, and was put under house arrest but escaped from her guards only to be dragged back to her room screaming. Staff and visitors have heard Catherine's haunted screams from the gallery. Visitors to Hampton Court have been known to faint in the same spot where Catherine's screams have been heard.

Sybil Penn, also known as the Grey Lady of Hampton Court, is another of the Palace's numerous spectres and is she is seen many times roaming the Palace's corridors. The first recorded sighting of her spectre was in 1829, when her tomb was removed. After she was disturbed several strange noises were heard, that both frightened and disturbed the Palace.

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