Haunted Air From Some Of The Most Haunted Places In The UK

Grenadier Inn London
Grenadier Inn London

The Grenadier Pub is thought to be the most haunted in London. Located in Belgravia in a quiet street, this atmospheric Tavern was once the Officer's Mess for the Duke of Wellington's Grenadier Guards. The Duke of Wellington himself was rumoured to have drank here. During it's time as an Officer's Mess, the cellar was used as a gambling den. Several customers have reported seeing the ill defined figure walking across the room, then vanishing.

Poltergeist activity has also occurred with objects being transported overnight into different location within the Pub. Staff and customers have witnessed chairs rattling and being moved in front of their eyes. Unexplained reasons for rooms going cold, footsteps are often heard coming from an empty upstairs, and groaning voices from the cellar.

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