Haunted Air From Some Of The Most Haunted Places In The UK

Golden Fleece York
Golden Fleece York

The Golden Fleece was built in 1503, and is very haunted, there are thought to be over fifteen spectres and phantoms in the building. The most notorious being Lady Alice Peckett, Wife of John Peckett who used to be the Mayor of York and also the owner of the Pub. Many guests have reported seeing Alice roaming the corridors of the building, moving furniture around and walking up and down staircases in the middle of the night. A Canadian Airman from World War 11 fell to his death from one of the bedroom windows, and now his mournful spirit is also seen roaming the Golden Fleece. One Eyed Jack is often seen wearing a 16th Century Red Coat, carrying a pistol and he is seen standing in the bar area.

Roman Soldiers have been seen in the cellar, marching on what was then the level of the Roman road.

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