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Drakelow Tunnels Kinver
Drakelow Tunnels Kinver

Drakelow Tunnels were constructed during World War 11 for a top secret factory facility and is where six men died during it's construction. Throughout the intervening years there have been paranormal sightings by workers and visitors, some experiences are highly unpleasant. Hauntings underground, are famous or infamous for their broody presence that are often experienced by coal miners, and they call these spirits Knockers, and can be very scary.

The best known spectre in Drakelow is that of Oswald he died in the complex many years ago, he's a mischievous poltergeist or { KNOCKER } who pulls hair, moves objects, and pushes people aside, he also follows you through the complex with his footsteps  being heard behind you.

During the sites decommission, the tunnels were used for Santanic Rituals and Worship, opening up the doors to the Black Arts. Many Mediums have felt the presence of a Demonic Entity in the canteen area.

Manifestations have been caught on camera, as well as Orbs and ill defined figure's. On occasions World War 11 music can be heard over the Tannoy system. The tunnels have had no electricity for many years.

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