Haunted Air From Some Of The Most Haunted Places In The UK

Davids House

Davis's House was built in the 1920's and is riddled with evil poltergeists and paranormal activity, it is said the fabric of the house is just sheer evil.

When the house was renovated in the late 1970's it coincided with the owner of the property taking a keen interest in the Ouija Board. The electrician who was lowering himself from the attic onto a pair of stepladders on the landing, when something gripped his legs and tried to pull out of the attic and down the staircase. The new wiring under the floor boards being removed overnight and the cable was neatly coiled up on the floor, followed by a little time later, the central heating pipes were removed from the same floor and again neatly laid out on top of the floor.

The occupant witnessing a ghost door opening at night in his bedroom and a dark adumbration pass through the bedroom. Builders leaving the contract because of terror, and poltergeist activity throughout the property, something  continually walking up the staircase and across the landing both day and night.

Dave's House will be the subject of a book to be published shortly.

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