Haunted Air From Some Of The Most Haunted Places In The UK

Bridgnorth Convent
Bridgnorth Convent

In 1836 the Bridgnorth Infirmary opened it's doors, and in 1896 it was called St Joseph's Convent of Mercy. A connecting tunnel from an adjoining property enters into caves that were used for operating theatres, and patients that succumbed to their surgery or death in the Convent were laid to rest in the connecting tunnel that was used as mortuary. People working in the tunnel have heard the sound of a distant choir and the sound of a church organ playing, phantoms, poltergeists, haunt and terrorise people in the caves under the convent.

The occupant who owns the property, found the hauntings from beneath his home so disturbing, he considered living elsewhere such was the violence from the incumbent poltergeists or underground poltergeists who are known as Knockers, and are nasty.

The apparition of Nuns staring from the cave entrances, and acknowledging you, to the Nuns tending to the bodies in the morgue, and a most  shocking phantom that appeared to an engineer working in the cave, that formed itself from a grey mist to a translucent poorly defined human shape that climbed around the cave wall like a spider and out through another chamber. Bridgnorth Convent will be subject of a book to be published shortly.

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