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Berry Pomeroy Castle Devon
Berry Pomeroy Castle Devon

Sir Edward Seymor was the brother of Jane Seymor, the third wife of Henry V111. He made numerous changes to the castle, the castle originally built in the 12th Century. The castle is the home of many ghosts and spectres, a number of ghostly phenomena and ghostly sightings have been reported in the castle. Some of the most reported apparitions in the castle are that of the Blue Lady and the White Lady.

The white lady is the restless soul of Margaret Pomeroy, the wife of the original owner Henry de Pomeroy, she haunts the dungeons of St Margaret's tower and has been seen waving to visitors. She was incarcerated in the castle dungeons by her own sister Eleanor because of jealousy and starved to death in the dungeons.

The Blue Lady lures visitors into various parts of the castle and disorients them until they are lost. People believe that she is the ghost of the daughter of one of the Norman Castle Lords. She was raped by her Father and became pregnant with his baby. Her Father strangled the child in one of the rooms of the Castle. Others say it was her who strangled the child. She is now the death portal of the Seymors.

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