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Ancient Ram Inn Glouchestershire
Ancient Ram Inn Glouchestershire

The Ancient Ram Inn was once owned by St Mary's Church when it was originally built. The Inn was built in 1145, Priests used the Inn as a lock up house for slaves and workers who helped construct St Mary's Church.

A Witch was burned at the stake in the 1500's, it was the punishment for not believing in Christianity and the punishment was sanctioned by the Government, people believe that the woman's spirit still haunts one of the rooms of the house to this day. It is said that the woman took refuge in one of the rooms of the house before she was captured and killed. Today, that room is called the WITCHING ROOM.

The Landlord has found evidence of devil worship and ritual sacrifice too. He discovered the skeletal remains of children just under the staircase. Broken daggers were also found within the skeletons. Until this day, he claims to be haunted and attacked by various entities in the house on a regular basis. There have been many sightings of previous owners of the Inn seen residing and sitting together with the Patron's of today's time.

One of the most haunted rooms is the entire Inn is called  THE BISHOP'S INN. The room is found on the first floor of the house. When the Inn was still a Bed and Breakfast a lot of guests would not want to sleep in that room. Some who did sleep ended up fleeing in terror in the middle of the night. The ghost of a Monk haunts the room on a regular basis.

The ghost of a Centurion on horseback has also been seen. A plumber working in the Inn was startled out of his wits when he saw this apparition  and witnessed it travel straight through a wall where he was working. Also there is, according to locals, a Succubus that creeps into the beds of sleeping visitors.

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